About the Data Portal

Our Data Portal publishes a variety of collision, camera and Operation Crackdown data held by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

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Camera Sites

The camera site data is split into two sections:

  • Camera map – Shows the location of fixed, mobile, red-light and average speed cameras in Sussex. Please note that while the map is regularly updated, exceptional sites that are visited on a one-off basis or as part of a wider project may not be shown.
  • Camera data – Shows information about our camera sites, including cameras within the site, collision history, speed and offence history (at certain sites) and baseline data.

Operation Crackdown

The Operation Crackdown data is split into two sections:

  • Crackdown data – Charts showing a breakdown of Operation Crackdown within various categories, such as the type of antisocial behaviour reported, actions taken and time and day of reports.
  • Crackdown map – Shows the location of Operation Crackdown reports. This map can be filtered by date and report type e.g. to show only “careless/inconsiderate driving” reports.


As with Operation Crackdown, the collision data is split into four sections:

  • Collision map – By default, this map shows data for the most recently available 3 year period however, the date filters can be used to go back as far as 2015. There are also severity filters e.g. so the map can be used to display fatal and serious collisions only.
  • Casualty data – Shows monthly casualty numbers, and can be filtered by local authority and severity.
  • Priority groups – For selected road user groups, displays casualty data by month, along with a map showing the location of these collisions. This data can be filtered by district and severity.
  • Casualty tables – Shows monthly casualty numbers and can be filtered by district and severity.

Additional Collision Data Requests

If you require collision data in addition to that available through the data portal, you will need to complete and return a Collision Data Request Form. Sussex Police charge a standard fee of £120 plus VAT* for the provision of this data, with reports being delivered within 10 working days of submission of the form.

The below table sets out the options available, and what is included. If you require anything in addition to the standard report, please contact us before completing the request form, so that we can advise whether this is possible, and if it will incur any additional charge.

PDF Maps
PDF Collision Report
£120 plus VAT*
Data period
Most recent** 5 years
2005 – most recent**
2005 – most recent**
Delivery time
(self service)
10 working days
10 working days
Collision location
Collision severity
Collision date
Collision time
Number of casualties
Number of fatalities
Number of serious injuries
Number of slight injuries
Light conditions
Weather conditions
Road surface conditions
Road names / numbers
Speed limit
Vehicles types involved
Driver age
Vehicle directions and manoeuvres
Casualty class (i.e. driver, passenger, pedestrian)
Casualty age
Casualty sex
Contributory factors
Collision description