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Sussex Safer Roads Partnership attended the Classic Bike Show at Ardingly on Sunday 30th of July. This event is a must for all Classic motorcycle enthusiasts. With the showgrounds covering nearly two acres of space there is an array of indoor and outdoor all-motorcycle bike jumble, hundreds of stalls with tons of new and second-hand spares, motorcycles, clothing and accessories. This event sees high footfall enabling us to speak to one of our high-priority road user groups, powered two-wheelers.

Run by real bike enthusiasts, the Classic Bike Show events offer something for everybody who loves two wheels; from vintage, veteran and classic through to modern and even off-road machines. The event is a magnet for enthusiasts, club members and traders alike – attracting thousands from all over the country and beyond.

The use of motorcycles increased in 2020 – 2021 by 17 per cent. Despite motorcycles making up around one per cent of vehicle traffic, in 2021 they accounted for 20 per cent of road fatalities and 12 per cent of road injuries in Great Britain.

By attending these events we can speak to the road users that are proportionately at a higher risk than others. Cars and motorcycles share some similarities! They drive on the same roads, can be equally powerful, and can travel fast. However, motorcycles have a few major differences that make them inherently more dangerous. Any motorcyclist will quickly tell you skill and smarts are key to staying alive. All motorcyclists start with some disadvantages because they have two wheels instead of four, the driver’s balance and driving abilities — including quick reflexes — play a more critical role. Furthermore, a motorcyclist rides out in the open, rather than inside the steel cage of a car frame. The resulting sense of freedom makes motorcycles appealing to many people, but it also comes with risk. Due to the fact, motorcycles are more difficult to see than cars, they’re more likely to be hit by other drivers. Without a car’s structural protection, a motorcycle rider involved in a crash is more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Through these events we can raise awareness on courses such as BikeSafe and BikerDown, alongside SSRPs ICE Stickers.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Stickers are a reminder of the risks every rider takes when heading out on their bikes. It is widely known the first hour after injury is when emergency treatment is most likely to be successful. In the event of a collision, the ICE Stickers, containing vital personal information of the rider, dramatically increases the chance of faster and more effective care when accessed by first responders.

Designed to sit at the back of a helmet, the ICE Sticker enables first responders and members of the public to access key medical and personal information as quickly as possible following an incident. Information uploaded by the biker during registration can be accessed by scanning the bespoke QR code, displaying information such as allergies or medication, along with next of kin and contact details. ICE Stickers contain the personal information of the rider, which could dramatically increase the chance of faster and more effective care when accessed by first responders.

If you would like an ICE Sticker just fill in the form online to request one today:…/get…/ice-stickers/

Our album of images taken at the event is now available here on our website over in our gallery!

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