Be Deer Aware and stay safe on rural roads

Posted on Tuesday 22nd October 2019 in All Road Users, Drivers, Motorcyclists

East Sussex County Council is using social media to offer simple tips for drivers to ensure they stay safe on the county’s network of rural roads this autumn. #deeraware

Every year there are an estimated 74,000 deer-related traffic collisions in the UK, with the risk of encountering the animals on the road increasing during the mating season in October and November. People should take particular care in areas where there are deer warning signs or heavily wooded roads, at night and around dawn and dusk, when deer are most likely to venture out. Cllr Bill Bentley, county council lead member for communities and safety, said:

“We’re lucky in East Sussex to have some stunning countryside which provides an ideal habitat for deer. These animals may appear on the road unexpectedly, particularly at this time of year, and the results of a collision with a deer can be very serious indeed”

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Deer Aware East Sussex County Council

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