Posted on Sunday 19th March 2023 in All Road Users, Education and Training, Motorcyclists

Actions taken in the first few moments, following an accident involving a biker, can be crucial in minimising injuries and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved.

Biker Down is a free training workshop run by professionals for bikers and designed to aid them if they were to find themselves in a situation of need. Originally developed by Kent Fire & Rescue Service’s Fire Bike Team, it utilises the expertise of the Emergency Services and HSE qualified First Aid Trainers to prepare motorcyclists, should the worst happen on the roads.

Currently, nearly a quarter of all individuals killed and seriously injured are riding a motorcycle – a massive overrepresentation when you consider that motorcycles only account for around 5% of vehicles on the road.

The workshop lasts approximately four hours and is broken down into three modules:

  • Module one: Looks at the initial scene management, the protection of those present, and risk assessing the scene.
  • Module two: Is delivered by a HSE First Aid Trainer (often by a SECAMB Paramedic) and focuses on assessing the casualty when dealing with trauma, and when and how to safely remove a motorcyclist’s helmet.
  • Module three: Focuses on being seen as a motorcyclist. The module is delivered by a member of the SussexSaferRoadsPartnership, who uses their experience in investigating and/or dealing with serious and fatal motorcycle crashes. Equipment and clothing are also discussed.

For more information regarding the Biker Down workshops, please contact FRS Firebike via