Posted on Monday 27th November 2023 in Education and Training, Speed

Road Safety Week is Brake‘s biggest road safety campaign. Every year, thousands of schools, organisations and communities get involved to share important road safety messages, remember people affected by road death and injury, and raise funds to help Brake care for more road victims and campaign for safe roads for everyone.

Road Safety Week 2023 took place from 19 to 25 November 2023. Thank you to everyone who took part to talk about speed and challenge why so many people still think it’s ok to speed when five people die on UK roads every day!

Brake (the Road Safety Charity) wants a world where everyone is free to move in a safe and healthy way, every day. They work to stop road deaths and injuries, support people affected by road crashes and campaign for safe and healthy mobility for all.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) works throughout the year to promote vital road safety messaging.

Throughout Brake’s Road Safety Week of action our Theatre in Education tour continued Pan-Sussex – delivering interactive workshops where students are invited to challenge the attitudes and behaviours they have witnessed, such as being distracted by mobile phones or becoming switched off to their surroundings while using headphones. The Programme Delivery team also delivered our Young Road User Resource do a primary school in East Sussex, focusing on pedestrian and car passenger safety. Our continued efforts in reaching the next generation of road users are fundamental in creating generational behavioural change. Initiating conversations in learning environments, face to face, is vital and a continued priority of SSRP.