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Sussex Safer Roads Partnership supported at the DVSA Driving Test Centre Open Day in Burgess Hill, on Saturday 13th of May, talking to all road users. The open day was for driving instructors, learner drivers, their families, and anyone with an interest in road safety, to have the opportunity to speak to road safety practitioners. 

The event was supported by numerous organisations and representatives from numerous public services were present. Members of the public throughout the day were able to:

  • Observe demonstrations of the module 1 motorcycle test
  • Observe the coupling/uncoupling of an HGV
  • Meet and talk with driving, motorcycle & HGV examiners
  • Learn more about the driving test and what driving examiners assess
  • Find out more information about the ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign
  • Find out the top reasons why people do not pass their driving test in Burgess Hill

Visitors were encouraged:

  • Explore a working fire engine and chat with the firefighters behind it
  • Chat with the local traffic & motorcycle Police officers
  • Find out about BikeSafe and BikerDown training
  • Learn more from advanced motoring companies
  • Find out more about careers in the Civil Service

We all learn differently whether that be through our experiences and face-to-face conversations. This is why open days, like this, are so important in supporting learner drivers in their local communities. To find out if you’re Ready to Pass? head over to the campaign website for more information. 

1 in 5 people who fail their driving test says the main reason was that they were nervous on the day. These open days provide learners the opportunity to meet our examiners as this may help to reduce their nerves in the build-up to their driving test. This is because learners who meet an examiner before their test are more likely to feel at ease with their test day examiner.

Throughout the day, examiners were able to explain to pupils what happens on the test, from the waiting room through to the show me, tell me questions. There was also an opportunity for pupils and their families to ask driving examiners questions about their role on test day, and what learners can and cannot do.

This is important as it gives learners an indication of what to expect on their driving test. For example, a couple of common questions the examiners get asked is whether the learner can ask the examiner questions whilst on their driving test or if they can listen to music during their test.

This is a great example of what we can achieve when we work together to support our new generation of drivers, and it was fantastic to see the high turnout and support for this event.

Our album of images taken at the Burgess Hill MPTC Driving Test Centre, is available here on our website over in our gallery!

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