Deer Aware

Traffic collisions with deer can result in injury or death for animals and drivers and damage to vehicles. Drivers need to be aware and take extra care, particularly during spring and autumn.

What to do if you hit a deer

Remain calm and keep yourself and anyone with you as safe as you can.

Park your car in a safe place with your hazard lights on.

Don’t touch the deer. It could cause further distress or cause it to run back into the road. An injured deer will not benefit from efforts to sit with it or keep it warm.

Call the emergency services on 999:

  • If anyone is injured,
  • Or there is a danger to others e.g. a deer (alive or dead) is on the road or is a danger to traffic.

Call the non-emergency line on 101:

  • If the deer is injured and on the side of the road, not causing a danger to others.
    The police will deal with any traffic issues and have access to specialist Deer Wardens who will know the best course of action to take if the deer is still alive.

If you want to enquire about the deer warden scheme, please contact our Highways team on 0345 608 0193.

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