Embrace Life

Embrace Life is our award-winning advert.

Since launch in January 2010, the advert quickly became a worldwide viral smash, gathering over 11.8million views on YouTube in ten months. Created to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a seatbelt, Embrace Life was deliberately developed to provide a counter-point to the hard-hitting ‘shock and awe’ advertising used in road safety.

The campaign has scooped a wide range of awards, including YouTube Ad of the Year, a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, Gold World Medal, New York International Advertising Awards; a Bronze Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Awards; Highly Commended from the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation and the advert was also featured in the Advertising Producers Award (APA) 2010 collection.

We have also received hundreds of requests for the advert to be screened around the world, with interest coming from non-governmental organisations, government bodies, local TV stations and driving organisations all keen to raise awareness.

Global support for the campaign has been high – especially through Twitter and Facebook, where one viewer was moved to create a group dedicated to getting the campaign on TV.

The Embrace Life campaign will continue to be used throughout Sussex at road safety interventions and events, and it is being included in products such as ROUTES to help the message spread yet further.

Sales and Licensing

Companies and organisations around the globe are recognising the vale of Embrace Life in enhancing their internal training schemes, or underlining their Corporate and Social Responsibility commitments within their communities.

All sales and licensing enquiries are being handled by the film’s Producer, Sarah Alexander, who will be pleased to discuss any requests.


Through the hard work of the following people, Embrace Life took the journey from concept to reality.

Writer/Director: Daniel Cox
Producer: Sarah Alexander
Executive Producer: Neil Hopkins


Father: Austin Spangler
Mother: Lara Corrochano
Daughter: Clare Denning


Composer: Siddhartha Barnhoorn
Assistant Director/ Production 1st Assistant Director: Lucy Wigmore
Assistant Producer: Vicky Del Campo
Runner: Tom Harburt


Director of Photography: Luke Scott
Phantom Technician: Jason Berman
Focus Puller: John Mitchell
Gaffer: John Cantwell
Spark: Gary Nagle
Camera Assistant: Steve Mayhew

Art Department

Production Designer: Aoife Wilson
Art Director: James Custance
Storyboards: Peter Johnston

Hair and Make-up

Make-up Designer: Victoria Riches
Hair Stylist: Haylie Jay

Set Build

Construction Manager: Callum Andrews
Transport Captain: Bernard Cox


Editor: Daniel Cox
Colorist: Pat Wintersgill
Graphics Designer: Laylah Perrin
Marketing and Promotion Lead: Neil Hopkins
Communications Team: Mims Davies and Steve Whitehead

Very Special Thanks: Laylah Perrin

Special Thanks to: Ken Seymour, Take 2 Films, Dan Thomas, Stephanie Morgan, Mark Purvis, Mark Rafferty, Tyronne, Rowena Siorvanes, Panalux, Ashley Wing, Chris Stribbling, Rigby Andrews, Gordon Russell and Halliford Studios