Safe Pass

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Wednesday the 6th June 2018 saw the launch of safe Pass in Sussex, which coincided with National Cycle Week.

This first event took place in Hove in the Portland Road area and was in place for a couple of hours. A police officer riding a bicycle fitted with cameras was deployed and supported by an unmarked Roads Policing motorcycle. Vehicles that passed close to the bicycle were radioed to the motorcycle who directed them to a nearby educational area which was kindly donated by EDF energy. Drivers were offered education as opposed to enforcement. During the event 4 drivers were spoken to and two were also reported for mobile phone use.

An encouraging first event with our partners which will be repeated in due course.

Have a listen below to the Chief Constable – Giles York explaining why this is so important. There are also some photos taken from the day.

See our leaflet below, or download a copy here.