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‘Cut It Back’ Safety Warning

Posted on Tuesday 5th May 2015 in All Road Users, Cyclists, Drivers, Education and Training, Motorcyclists, Pedestrians, Safety Cameras, Speed

LANDOWNERS responsible for hedges and trees which overhang the road or pavement are being urged to ‘cut it back’.

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In Case Of Emergency Stickers

Posted on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 in All Road Users, Cyclists, Motorcyclists

During 2015, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) will be supporting the rollout and adoption of technology in the region to enable faster sharing of critical personal information when motorcyclists or cyclists are in an accident or emergency situation.

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Headway – The brain injury Association

Posted on Friday 13th February 2015 in All Road Users, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Safety Cameras

Have you or friend/relative been affected by a brain injury as a result of a road traffic collision then support, services and information is available for survivors and their families and carers through Headway.

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Reduce Your Speed

Posted on Friday 7th November 2014 in All Road Users, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Safety Cameras

As speed increases, so does the likelihood of serious injury or even death in a collision.

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