Posted on Thursday 2nd March 2023 in All Road Users, Data, Drivers, Education and Training, Speed

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) and Community Speedwatch (CSW) were out on Tuesday 28th of February conducting speed checks in Brighton and Newhaven. Working in Partnership we can create a safer environment for all road users, significantly reduce life-changing injuries and eliminate fatalities. There are still too many collisions in Sussex, many of these preventable. Through a range of campaigns and initiatives, we intend to raise awareness of; laws, key messages, preventative measures, information, and guidance to create safer roads for all – CSW being one of these.

Community Speedwatch Officer, SPOC for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, Steve O’Connell, who organised and attended the operation, said: 


‘On Tuesday, the team from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership was on the road giving support to Community SpeedWatch groups by visiting sites where we have received numerous complaints from residents about anti-social driving in the form of speeding. This is supported by the data and reports provided by Local SpeedWatch Teams (local groups trained by Sussex Police).


The team started at Marine Gate in Brighton, where 3 vehicles, were recorded exceeding the speed limit of 30mph two of which were motorcycles doing 41mph. The second location was Avis Road, in Newhaven, exceeding the speed – a 30mph zone – used by school children attending the local primary school, 7 vehicles were recorded, one of which was travelling at 42mph. These vehicles all can expect to receive a letter in the post concerning their speed.


The higher the speed, the greater the stopping distance, which increases the risk of significant injury or death should the vehicle collide with a pedestrian. The stopping distance for an average vehicle, in a 30mph zone is 23 metres, far too late should a child run into the road.’

We encourage all road users to think about their speed and to always travel within the designated speed limit. Inappropriate speed can have a devastating impact on the safety of road users and the wider community. Approximately 1 in 3 Killed and Seriously Injured on Sussex roads is related to inappropriate speeding.


If you wish to join or start a Community SpeedWatch Group please visit or email for further information.


Drivers are reminded that the speed limit is the limit, not a target.

Visit the GOV.UK website for National Speed Limits information.