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To support the Community SpeedWatch Programme (CSW), its Coordinators, and Parish Councils, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) conducts sessions called Speed Education (Speed ED). This educational intervention is valued by the Community Safety Teams as an excellent engagement tool to combat inappropriate speeding. Speed ED sessions support community engagement and address residential concerns, alongside providing support to CSW groups, and contributing to Operation activity.

Approximately 1 in 3 Killed and Seriously Injured on Sussex roads is related to inappropriate speeding, highlighting the need for further intervention in this area, to reduce the number of individuals killed and seriously injured on Sussex roads.

Speed Education is a programme which was first implemented in 2021, with a limited number of sessions planned, due to scoping the innovative concept. The purpose of these sessions is to support local Community SpeedWatch (CSW) groups in Sussex, by pulling drivers into a suitable location for further education, when inappropriate, due to speeding having been detected by an officer. This is with the support of Police Officers from the Casualty Reduction Team (CRT) and/ or Police Officers from other departments such as local Neighbour Police Teams (NPT) and Roads Policing Unit (RPU).

This session was conducted out of Uckfields Fire Station; with the support of our Partners at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. Local Police Community Support Officers came down to the engagement to offer local knowledge and conduct speed checks.

6 cars were stopped during the 2hr operation and educational advice was given to all 6 drivers; with recorded speeds of varying between 36mph – 51mph in a 30-mile-per-hour zone.

We encourage all road users to think about their speed and to always travel within the designated speed limit. Inappropriate speed can have a devastating impact on the safety of road users and the wider community. Approximately 1 in 3 Killed and Seriously Injured on Sussex roads is related to inappropriate speeding.

Drivers are reminded that the speed limit is the limit, not a target.

Visit the GOV.UK website for National Speed Limits information.

Road traffic accidents are a serious health concern. Due, to the increase in the number of vehicles on our roads and poor driving conditions, traffic congestion has increased and subsequently so have collisions on roads. Road traffic injuries are one of the leading causes of death across the world with severe socio-economic costs. They result not only in death but also permanent disability which has lifelong impacts. Check your speed before we do!

Education and Enforcement are closely related. It is very difficult to enforce traffic regulations if people are not aware of, or understand the traffic legislation; therefore research is vital in creating behavioural change. Research confirms that education and enforcement work hand-in-hand to reform drivers/ riders. These Speed Eds also help SSRP to examine Sussex’s drivers’ awareness and attitudes around speed and the devastating impact it can have on people’s lives.


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