CORONAVIRUS: The roads are quieter. The speed limit is the same.

Posted on Thursday 2nd April 2020 in About Us, All Road Users, Business, Drivers, Education and Training, Motorcyclists

This is the message Surrey & Sussex Police are urging drivers to remember, and are reminding all road users to only travel when making essential journeys.

Both forces have seen an increase in incidents of speeding over the last few weeks, and urge drivers to consider the impact their behaviour can have on NHS and police resources.

Alongside speeding, drivers have been recorded committing offences such as mobile phone use and drink or drug-driving. Officers will continue to prosecute drivers who disregard speed limits and commit traffic offences. Across Surrey & Sussex, camera vans will continue to be deployed to act as a deterrent to drivers and assist in the reduction of speeding. Road safety remains a priority across both forces, who will continue to enforce the law and prosecute those who do not comply.

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder, Head of Roads Policing for Surrey and Sussex, said: “It is important for road users to obey the speed limit no matter how busy or quiet the roads are. Driving at safe speeds ensures no undue pressure is placed on emergency services, and reduces the risk of road users involved in potentially fatal collisions. Whilst government advice is clear, we are continuing to witness irresponsible activity and high speeds on our roads. Road safety remains of paramount importance to Surrey & Sussex Police, and as such we will continue to deal with speeding and other motoring offences where necessary to ensure our roads are kept safe for everyone.”

Police are reminding the public that whilst the roads may be quieter, speed limits remain integral to individual and community safety. Motorists are encouraged to be aware of the penalties to drivers caught travelling above the speed limit, and consider the impact a collision may have to themselves and on public service resources.

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