Drive iQ

Posted on Thursday 15th October 2015 in Drivers, Motorcyclists, Speed

Drive iQ

Accelerate your brain training using online software from Drive iQ.

Traditional driver tuition focuses on teaching someone how to operate a car. While this is obviously essential to getting your license, it will not always prepare a new driver on how to handle the highways on their own for the first time.

Drive iQ looks to enriching the practical lessons on the road, by providing learner drivers with online resources that can be undertaken in their own time, in a stress-free and calm environment. Information is available about a range of topics, including Driver Distraction, Motorways, Car Maintenance, Conditions, Road Signs, and much more.

Drive iQ is a free resource. Making use of it can improve your knowledge ready for your theory test, build upon what you have already been taught by your instructor, and potentially fill some of the gaps that driving lessons are not able to cover. There are 30 core topics covered on the site, which all aim towards you becoming a better and safer driver once you have passed your test. Even the most confident of new driver’s can benefit, as confidence does not necessarily mean skill. As the part of the brain responsible for executive function and risk management does not reach its capacity until the age of 25, younger drivers are more likely to take daring moves, accounting for the higher proportion of people aged 16 – 24 involved in collisions.

This scenario-based e-learning encourages drivers to consider the wider picture, think about how their decisions affect outcomes, and constantly seek self-improvement in the world of road safety. It is planning for the future, and the resource is accessible at any time, anywhere. In addition, there is a section on the website for concerned parents with children just starting lessons, and for schools there is information about how to get Drive iQ into the classroom.

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