Driving Under the Influence

Posted on Thursday 22nd December 2016 in Drivers, Motorcyclists

We’ve been talking about the dangers of driving under the influence, but are you still willing to risk it?

Physical Changes

“I know I can drink two pints and not be over the drink-drive limit”

Being over the limit is affected by more than just gender and age – stress, medication, and strength of drink also affects your alcohol levels. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are over the limit or not, it is best not to drive. Ask yourself – is it worth the risk?

We are always being asked how many drinks will put someone over the limit, but this is an unanswerable question. If you are going to have a drink and drive, please click here to see how alcohol affects you.

How To Report

You can report habitual drink and drug drivers to Sussex Police, dialling 101. In emergencies, please call 999, or text 65999. It is also possible to report habitual drink and drug drivers to Operation Crackdown.

Planning Your Trip

Think of your alternatives so you have everything planned out before you go out. When Southern Rail aren’t striking, there are plenty of buses, or you can use a taxi. They may cost more, but they don’t cost as much as a fine for drink or drug driving, or – worse – killing someone through it.

If you are in the car with someone you suspect is driving under the influence, you can use the failsafe excuse to get out – “I think I’m going to throw up, please let me out.” No one wants you to throw up in their car, so even if you are pitched out on the side of the road, you can at least call for a safe lift home from there.


Both drink and drug driving carry the same penalties. You can get:

  • A minimum 12-month driving ban
  • A potential jail sentence of six months
  • An unlimited fine
  • A criminal record

In addition, travel to some foreign countries could be restricted (or impossible), your insurance may go up, and (if you drive for work) your employer will see your conviction on your licence.

Consider all of the above before going out or getting in the car. Literally nothing is worth the risk.