Drug Driving – Know Your Limits

Posted on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 in Drivers, Motorcyclists

The law regarding Drug Driving changed back in March this year. Do you know the penalties and consequences involved?

Within five months of the law change, Sussex Police had already caught one hundred people Drug Driving. Throughout the whole of last year, the same amount were caught, suggesting the new technology and powers involved are uncovering a huge issue of which little is known about. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are looking to spread the word on this, and to inform those who may be considering partaking about the consequences, which go further than “just breaking the law”.

The law focuses on the trace amounts of a substance found in your system, instead of the original law that looks at impairment through drugs. The trace amounts are so small that it is not even worth considering trying to get away with it. Consider public transport or a taxi, if you absolutely have to go somewhere.

In regards to prescription drugs, advice will be given to you by your doctor when you are at the surgery. If you have any questions, they should be able to inform you of everything you need to know. If you partake in illegal drugs, the following are off-limits if you are going to drive: cocaine, cannibis, katemine, LSD, methylamphetamine, MDMA, and heroin. All amounts allowed in the system are listed on the government website.

The penalties can be severe:

  • A driving ban of up to a year
  • An unlimited fine
  • A criminal record
  • Up to six months in prison.

In addition, the conviction for Drug Driving will stay on your license for 11 years, and your employer will be able to see this.

These outcomes could mean you lose your job. They could stop you from getting the career you want. They could stop you picking granny up at the airport, or travelling to certain countries abroad.
If you look at the results, you must decide whether it is worth it.