High Viz Days – raising the profile on camera enforcement

Posted on Wednesday 18th May 2016 in Drivers, Motorcyclists

The Camera Team from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) will be carrying out one of their High Viz days on Thursday the 19th, in the Horsham and Crawley area, to further raise the profile of enforcement carried out throughout the county.

These days occur on a monthly basis, and the operations are rooted in data, as is all camera enforcement. Each camera technician looks after a different area of the county, and the High Viz Days take these areas into account when the team are planning their procedures. The days also include an extended shift pattern for the team, which means the camera vans will be out on the roads for longer, creating a safer environment for a larger period of time.

“These operations are about reaffirming our commitment to road safety”, said the team supervisor, Eddie Preece. “We want to guarantee that our motoring public can continually see enforcement of the law, both for their reassurance and support, and to provide a safer motoring environment for all user groups.”

It is possible for the camera vans to pick up not only speed, but also the use of mobile phones, and drivers not wearing seatbelts. With the increase of technology and the ubiquitous smart phone distraction encroaching further into the car, it is essential to have enforcement carried out as much as possible. The idea with High Viz Days is so that you may see a camera van more than once in the day, to reinforce the message that we are here to make the roads safer.

***UPDATE – The camera team identified 673 vehicles speeding on the roads in the Horsham and Crawley areas on the 19th of May.***