Installation of Average Speed Cameras to begin in Hastings and Brighton

Posted on Tuesday 13th December 2016 in Speed

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) are overseeing the implementation of Average Speed Cameras (ASCs) at two new sites in Sussex. Both areas in Brighton (along Marine Parade) and Hastings (seafront, between the Marina and Grosvenor Crescent) already have fixed safety cameras, but these will be replaced with ASCs, and, furthermore, they will be the first permanent ASCs in the county.

ASCs have previously been used on the A23 during the Handcross to Warninglid improvement works: “These cameras were a key part of the safety initiative being applied whilst the construction was underway. This had the aim of reducing collisions, reducing injuries, and mitigating congestion issues related to a reduction in the speed limit through the road works. Journey times improved between Bolney and Pease Pottage, and we attained an improved speed limit compliance rate.“ advises Edward Preece of the Safety Camera Team.

On a recent week-long survey carried out in July 2016, it was found that at the Brighton site, 8.9% and 5.1% of drivers (through each point of the site) were above prosecuted level. In Hastings, 2.0% at the Marina and 6.8% at Grosvenor Crescent were above prosecution level. The aim of the ASCs are to improve compliance to the speed limits, and improve congestion, commuter times, and safety.

Installation for the Brighton site at Marine Parade will be occurring on the 15th and 16th of December, with the Hastings site between the Marina and Grosvenor Square being installed on the 19th and 20th. Both sites are anticipated to go live early next year, but there will be warnings in place advising motorists of any updates as the project progresses. The existing camera housings will remain in situ until the average speed enforcement system becomes operative.