NFCC Motorcycle Safety Week – April 2023

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Monday 3rd of April was the start of The National Fire Chiefs Council’s (NFCC) Motorcycle Safety Week. The use of motorcycles increased in 2020 – 2021 by 17 per cent. Despite motorcycles making up around one per cent of vehicle traffic, in 2021 they accounted for 20 per cent of road fatalities and 12 per cent of road injuries in Great Britain.

The week-long campaign encouraged Fire and Rescue Services, along with Road Safety Partnerships, to share road safety advice for riders and – no matter what level of experience they have – to improve their knowledge and skills by taking additional rider education.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership was out in Sussex sharing advice and engaging with riders, throughout the week. Speaking to leisure riders about ensuring bike maintenance and riding skills with a focus on ‘hot spots’ in their areas with the support of our Partners.

Dan Quin, NFCC Lead for Road Safety, said:

“Motorcyclists are over-represented in collision and casualty statistics nationally. With an increase in the number of people using motorbikes for both commuting and enjoyment, our aim is to encourage riders to do all they can to ride safe and ensure they do all they can to be visible on the road. 

This campaign at the beginning of the motorcycling season is a great opportunity for all partners to deliver a range of safety messages across the UK.” 

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership joined East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and DocBike Sussex on Monday 3rd of April at 1066 Café in Hastings, in an engagement organised to open road safety-led conversations with riders in the area. Identified as a ‘hot spot’ for riders to congregate we were able to speak to numerous individuals about their safety whilst on the road. Having face-to-face conversations is invaluable when speaking about a very emotive subject.

Susan Taylor, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s Partnership & Engagement Business Partner attended the event and said;

“In support of NFCC national Motorcycle Safety Week ESFRS attended The Route 1066 Café on A21 with SSRP colleagues to engage with motorcyclists sharing safety advice and promoting ICE stickers and Biker Down Courses.

Biker Down is a course which consists of 3 modules over a 3–4-hour session, the idea is to offer people the ability to train in essential life skills and the knowledge (based on operational Fire fighters training) to help them cope should they encounter or be involved in a road traffic collision, rather than just give them information on the consequences.

We believe this will bring about more of a sense of responsibility when out on the road and hopefully a change in attitude that will keep them safer, both in their riding technique and how they react at the roadside.

The Course is FREE to all bikers of all ages and abilities so there is no financial barrier to taking part. Specifically, the course includes the very latest advice surrounding the thorny issue of helmet removal.

The Route 1066 Cafe hosts numerous motorbike meets throughout the year, bikers ride from across the South East and London to the café for a bite to eat.

The Café is keen to work with local biker clubs and others interested in organising events at the café, so this was a great opportunity to promote the safety campaign.

For further information please visit our website or to book a course contact us at or you can make contact via Facebook by searching Biker Down UK.

Thank you to The Route 1066 Café for their support.”

John Allsopp, Regional Manager, from DocBike Sussex supported the event and said;

It was a pleasure to work in partnership with Sussex Safer Roads and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service at the Route 1066 Café, on Monday 3rd of April.  We united in engaging visiting motorcyclists in the value of more skilful riding as well as promoting upcoming Biker Down courses. Our aims are all the same, and that is to reduce collisions which can result in injury or even fatality.  All the people we spoke to were open and interested in what we were trying to say. 

Again, the value of Doc Bike to promoting conversations and generating interest was evident and it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the potentially lifesaving information and courses that are available with members of the public who weren’t previously aware of them.

Doc Bike Sussex looking forward to a year of collaborating with all agencies in the Safer Roads Partnership to help save lives on our roads.”

On Thursday 6th of April SSRP joined West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and BikeSafe Sussex at Whiteway’s, for another biker-focused engagement. Allowing us another fantastic opportunity to inform one of our priority groups on a face-to-face occasion. SSRP understands the sense of freedom that being a biker brings, and with a wealth of resources and courses available, encourages every road user to improve their skills, confidence and enjoyment while out on the roads. Through these events we can raise awareness on courses such as BikeSafe and BikerDown, alongside SSRPs ICE Stickers.

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Stickers are a reminder of the risks every rider takes when heading out on their bikes. It is widely known the first hour after injury is when emergency treatment is most likely to be successful. In the event of a collision, the ICE Stickers, containing vital personal information of the rider, dramatically increases the chance of faster and more effective care when accessed by first responders.

Designed to sit at the back of a helmet, the ICE Sticker enables first responders and members of the public to access key medical and personal information as quickly as possible following an incident. Information uploaded by the biker during registration can be accessed by scanning the bespoke QR code, displaying information such as allergies or medication, along with next of kin and contact details.

ICE Stickers contain the personal information of the rider, which could dramatically increase the chance of faster and more effective care when accessed by first responders.

If you would like an ICE Sticker just fill in the form online to request one today:…/get…/ice-stickers/

PC Pete May, Sussex BikeSafe led, supported the event on Thursday 6th of April and said;

“Thursday’s event saw Sussex BikeSafe up at Whiteway’s near Arundel, a popular destination for motorcyclists to meet! Although it was a quiet start to the day it picked up and there was a lot of interest. Many had heard of the advanced schemes available but not all had heard of BikeSafe – A stepping-stone to advanced rider qualifications. Public engagement like this is an important aspect of what we do as it helps promote the Road Safety campaigns we offer but it shows that a collaborative approach to Road Safety works.

If you are interested in a BikeSafe course or want any further information, then please visit the website:

Rich Poole, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service‘s, Targeted Education, Intervention & Prevention Partner, supported the event on Thursday 6th of April and said;

“Thursday 6th April we attended Whiteway’s lodge with SSRP and Sussex Police to promote the National Motorcycle Safety week as part of the NFCC.

We attended various hotspot motorcycle locations around the County throughout the week and we promoted things such as:-

BikerDown Courses

IAM Roadsmart


ICE QR Helmet Stickers :-

Motorcycle Safety Clothing

Motorcycle Maintenance

The great British weather spoiled play a little on the Thursday but nevertheless, the committed partnership teams still pulled together and demonstrated resilience to share many road safety messages and distributed goodies to the public and the brave riders who still pushed through in the wind/rain.”

Our album of images taken throughout the week is now available here on our website over in our gallery!

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