#NoNeedForSpeed. Share the roads responsibly this summer

Posted on Monday 19th July 2021 in Business, Drivers, Motorcyclists, Safety Cameras

This is the message Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are reminding the public of as they continue work to educate road users of the dangers of travelling at speeds unsuitable for the roads.

As Covid restrictions continue to ease across the UK, roads can be expected to get much busier as many people return to the office, set off for summer holidays and travel freely across the country. The changes to Covid guidance will undoubtedly have an effect on road use and traffic flow across Sussex with many people travelling to picturesque beaches and public spaces across the county.

Supporting the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s latest campaign, SSRP will carry out a number of educational and enforcement activities to tackle speeding and anti-social vehicle use across the county with the purpose of reducing those Killed or Seriously Injured across the Sussex road networks. The vital work undertaken by Community Speed Watch volunteers will be amplified throughout the campaign, with support from officers within SSRP conducting speed checks at high priority sites across the county. The SSRP Safety Camera team will be using both fixed and mobile cameras to enforce speed limits and provide high visibility enforcement. Alongside speed, the Safety Camera team technology captures mobile phone and seat belt offences.

Sergeant Richard Hornsey, Casualty Reduction Sergeant for the SSRP, notes the importance of this campaign: ‘Speed continues to be a major contributory factor with regards to road collisions, and this campaign reinforces the need to combat inappropriate speed and dangerous driving on our roads. We will continue to educate road users about the importance of driving at speeds that are appropriate for the road conditions, and remind drivers and riders that the speed limit is a limit, and not a target. As lockdown continues to ease, we can expect to see a continued rise in road use; a timely reminder for everyone to share the roads responsibly and consider the impact their behaviour has on others on the road. Sadly, we have seen an increase in instances of verbal abuse being directed at Community Speed Watch volunteers who are volunteering their time to try and make their communities safer. We will continue to support the volunteers and Casualty Reduction Officers will be visiting Community Speed Watch sites and will take positive action against the small number of motorists who commit these offences.’

To keep up to date with the NPCC speed campaign, visit www.sussexsaferroads.gov.uk or follow on social media @SussexSRP.