NPCC 2-Wheel Operation Road Safety Campaign – April 2023

Posted on Monday 10th April 2023 in All Road Users, Cyclists, Education and Training, Motorcyclists

A national road safety operation starts today (Monday 10 April), in which police forces all over the country will be urging road users to help improve safety for the riders of bicycles and motorcycles.

The operation, led by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and coordinated by National Roads Policing Operations, Intelligence and Investigation (NRPOII), aims to reduce the number of collisions involving motorcycles and bicycles.

Even though the riders of motorcycles make up less than three per cent of vehicles on the UK’s roads, they represent more than 20 per cent of people killed, showing how risky motorcycling can be.

There were 310 motorcycle fatalities in 2021 (the latest available statistics), a nine per cent increase on the previous year.

During the operation, there will be ‘Close Pass’ exercises which aim to raise awareness among vehicle drivers of recently amended Highway Code rules for overtaking cyclists.

The ‘Close Pass’ exercise utilises plain clothes police officers riding bicycles equipped with video cameras. Any vehicles failing to leave an appropriate safety margin as they pass will be stopped. Officers will then offer roadside education to explain the importance of allowing plenty of space when passing cyclists, or in the most serious cases, drivers could be prosecuted for careless driving.

Updates to the Highway Code in 2022 include a requirement for vehicle drivers to ensure a minimum gap of 1.5 metres when passing a cyclist at speeds of up to 30mph, and more space at higher speeds (rule 163).   

NPCC roads policing lead CC Jo Shiner commented:

“Cyclists and motorcyclists feature disproportionately in road collisions. There are two key aims of this operation: to educate riders of powered two wheelers of the importance of having the correct skills – and to understand the limits of those skills; and to promote safer behaviour amongst all road users when sharing the road space.

Police officers will use whatever options are appropriate – whether education or enforcement – to promote safety for riders of any two-wheeled machine. We urge every road user to be observant and courteous in sharing the road space with those who face a higher risk of injury.”  

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If you have dashcam or helmet-cam footage showing somebody driving dangerously or recklessly in Sussex, you can upload it directly via Operation Crackdown.

Operation Crackdown is a secure online portal for reporting and submitting video evidence of suspected moving traffic offences witnessed by the public. Any footage submitted to Sussex Police as part of Operation Crackdown should not be posted on social media, footage that is in the public domain may have an adverse effect on any subsequent proceedings.

Those found to be committing a driving offence will be prosecuted.

71 Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIPs) and 165 Educational Letters were sent out in March 2023!

Please do not contact Sussex Police on 101, 999 or online regarding a submission, as they will not be able to advise you on its status.

We want to make the roads of Sussex as safe as possible.

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