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More than 300 vehicles were stopped as part of a national campaign to enforce seatbelt use in Sussex.

The campaign to support the National Police Chiefs’ Council ran from June 5 to June 25, and officers in the county carried out dedicated enforcement patrols from June 12.

In total, officers in Sussex stopped more than 300 vehicles, and a total of 186 motorists were issued with a traffic offence report.

While the main drive of the operation was in relation to education and, where necessary, enforcement activity in relation to the wearing of seatbelts, officers detected a significant number of other offences as a consequence of these stops.

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership played an active role throughout the campaign with our Safety Camera Team and Casualty Reduction working together, focusing on those choosing to not wear a seatbelt. Using the wealth of knowledge and experience within the Partnership, the team provided advice and support to all road users across Sussex. There are still too many collisions in Sussex, many of these preventable. Through a range of campaigns and initiatives, we intend to raise awareness of; laws, key messages, preventative measures, information, and guidance to create safer roads for all.

To learn more about the seatbelt campaign please click here.

Inspector Matt Wightwick of the Roads Policing Unit said:

“While most drivers and passengers understand that wearing a seatbelt is vitally important, there are some who risk their lives. In a collision, you’re twice as likely to die if you don’t wear a seatbelt. It’s one of the ‘fatal 5’ causes of death or serious injuries on our roads.

Some of those stopped during this campaign were arrested for other fatal five offences in addition to being dealt with for seatbelt offences.

The risk that these individuals pose to both themselves and others by their actions could have profound and devastating consequences. This is not, nor ever can be, a risk that is worth considering.

This campaign is run in addition to the proactive patrols our officers do 365 days a year to continue our efforts in reducing deaths or serious collisions on the roads of Sussex, while also educating road users.”


Our album of images taken throughout June’s Seatbelt Campaign is now available here on our website over in our gallery!

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