Obstructing the camera vans could land you in jail.

Posted on Tuesday 16th October 2018 in Drivers, Motorcyclists, Speed

Safety Van Obstruction

Recent changes to the Police Reform Act 2002 make it an offence to obstruct a camera van

A Recent change in Law, S38 Police Reform Act 2002, makes it an offence to obstruct a Police Support Officer (Camera Van Operators). Parking a vehicle to obstruct the camera van could land you up to 51 weeks in Prison & a fine or both. Let them do their job of influencing driver behaviour by reducing speeds to keep us all that little bit safer.

Camera vans monitor traffic flow on our roads where there is a history of collisions or high speeds being reported. The operators will only take action where vehicles are spotted over the limits for that road.

The simple way to avoid being caught is – stick to the speed limit and rememeber its a limit and not a target

Camera vans are helping to make our roads that little bit safer.