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Day 2 of Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) Sussex Safer Roads Partnership joined Community Speedwatch volunteers in Lewes to target local speeding concerns with support from Lewes Police, for a morning full of activity. SSRP attended, with the engagement vehicle, housing all supporting literature and resources to educate drivers about the impact of driving at unsafe speeds. A Casualty Reduction Officer was there to intersect those over the limit speed, supporting the data collection of the volunteers.

We encourage all road users to think about their speed and to always travel within the designated speed limit. Inappropriate speed can have a devastating impact on the safety of road users and the wider community. Drivers are reminded that the speed limit is the limit, not a target.

Lewes Police, PCSO Rose Stainer supported SSRP at the event and said:

‘I joined SSRP and CSW today to help educate drivers on the importance of driving within the speed limit. We work closely with Sussex Community Speedwatch to enable us to keep the roads as safe as possible, monitoring the speeds of drivers. Today was a fantastic opportunity for us to chat with motorists, giving advice on safe driving and answering any questions they had.’

21 vehicles were caught speeding at Malling Street, Lewes and 10 were stopped by a Casualty Reduction Officer for an educational discussion on the dangers of speeding. 

You must not drive faster than the speed limit for the type of road and your type of vehicle. The speed limit is the absolute maximum – it does not mean it is safe to drive at this speed in all conditions. Visit the GOV.UK website for National Speed Limits information.

The law on GOV.UK speeding penalties and penalty points.

CSW is a national initiative that assists the work of the police, where members of the public use speed detection devices to capture offences, which are then referred back to the police through Operation Crackdown.

If you are interested in joining or starting a CSW group in your area, please see:

Our album of images taken on Project EDWARD day 2, in Lewes with CSW, is available here on our website over in our gallery!

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