Red Thumbs at the ready for Thursday the 12th of May

Posted on Wednesday 11th May 2016 in Drivers, Motorcyclists

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) are supporting the My Red Thumb initiative this Thursday, which looks to raise awareness of in-car distractions – specifically mobile phones.

Despite being outlawed since 2003, the advancement in technologies and communication levels seem to compel people use their mobiles more and more whilst driving. But it is against the law for a reason: you have an increased risk of being involved in a collision if you are distracted from looking at the road, and mobile phones do exactly that.

The My Red Thumb day looks to get drivers to add red to their thumbs so if they are tempted to use their phones, the unusual colour will remind them not to. Adding red can be painting your nails, using a rubber band, or a piece of ribbon. We’re not fussy, as long as you don’t use your mobile.

If you do need to use your phone constantly, it is recommended that you buy a hands-free kit for the car, although these can still cause a distraction and if you cause a collision whilst driving, you could still be convicted – if it is found you were driving without due care and attention. The ultimate solution is to turn the phone off, or leave it in your bag in the boot, or some other inaccessible place. Realistically, how important is it that you check your notifications, if it means putting other people’s lives at risk?

So on My Red Thumb day (Thursday the 12th), consider for a minute the consequences of using a mobile whilst driving. If you think you’re going to get bored on your journey, put the radio on. Invest in an audio book. Comment on your driving to see how much you really need to concentrate on it. But don’t use your mobile – it just isn’t worth it.

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