Before you ride, check your ABC!

  • Air – are you tyres correctly inflated? (check the tread)
  • Brakes – do they work?
  • Chain – is it properly fitted and oiled?
Bike Maintenance

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance will help to keep your cycle in top condition, as well as helping you to keep safe on the roads.

  • Service your bike yearly and definately before a big trip.
  • Check your brakes at least once a month. Your brake blocks should be in good condition, watch out for them wearing down. The metal of the brake calliper should never touch the rim of your wheel. To check if your brakes need adjusting, stand over your cycle, depress the front brake lever and try to push your cycle forward. The lever should not touch the handlebars and the bike should barely move as you push. Repeat the process with your rear brake. If the levers touch the handlebars or your bike moves easily- you will need to adjust your brakes.
  • Tyre checks should always be carried out before use of the cycle.
  • Correctly fitted lights are important and they will also need to be checked regularly.