Experienced Driver Training

Driving skills can be seriously affected by your physical mobility, ill health, eye sight and affects of medication, whatever your age or driving ability.

The Experienced Driver Assessment (EDA) are run to help motorists think about driving issues they may face and offer drivers with useful advice and technique which might help them.

Experienced Driver Training

The training is undertaken in the drivers own vehicle along local roads and lasts for approximately 45 minutes and the cost is £46.50. The sessions are delivered by a fully qualified Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI) who will meet you a convenient time and location.

On the drive, the motorist will get the chance to talk through any driving issues that concern them. You will be asked to read a number plate from 67 feet (20 metres) away, so if you require prescription glasses they must be brought along to the assessment.

Following the session drivers will receive a verbal report from the ADI and, within a short time, a comprehensive written one. If the instructor has any specific concerns they will raise them with the driver. At this point he or she may decide to share them with family, friends or their GP, but they will not be reported to the DVLA. For further help and advice the patient can be referred to Age UK for counselling.

On the day

  • We need to see a valid UK driving licence
  • Proof that the car is taxed, insured and roadworthy

For more information on EDA schemes contact The Driver Training team on 0330 222 8999 option 1 or alternatively email eda@westsussex.gov.uk.