Driver Retraining (NDORS)

This section has all the information you need relating to the National Drive Offender Retraining Scheme and the courses offered throughout Sussex.

The courses are designed by the UKROEd Course Development Unit, comprising of leading behavioural change and transport academics, experienced and senior practitioners from the world of enforcement and road safety.

Each course that is developed is based on latest research and evaluated.

Should you wish to find out more information about the governance and development of the courses you can find it on the UKROED site: UK Road Offender Education | Information about NDORS courses (

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Testimonials from attendees on recent courses

“I would like to thank the course speakers, I found it very interesting and informative about situations I had not considered, an excellent experience for me” – Mr M

“I just wanted to say that I thought it was extremely interesting and I really valued how it adopted an educating standpoint rather than an punitive, telling off approach. I learnt a lot today and I am grateful that I had this opportunity. Eddie was a lovely teacher, really kind and informative, and again, empowered me rather than making me feel ashamed” – Digital course Attendee

“I was expecting a standard course explaining information I already know, very boring and just doing it because I need to. Your trainer was fantastic, very informative, friendly and really put the attendees at ease. I would like you to pass on my thanks for a great course it was actually a pleasure to do and I’ve taken away a lot from it. With the greatest respect in the world I hope I don’t need to use your services again, but well done on a great course. I’ve attended many courses and well done on having a great instructor, engaging and really bringing the group together on what I’d imagine is a hard course to get engagement.” – Venue Course Attendee

“The course was delivered very well – everything was communicated in a clear way. I found the tutor very polite and engaging and thoroughly enjoyed the course. It highlighted to me the importance of driving safely and has given me some action points on how to avoid speeding in the future. Seeing and hearing the impact of understanding the risks in speeding has really given me the desire to stay focussed and concentrate more whilst driving.”  – Mrs H-B

“A big thank you for this afternoon’s training sessions. You delivered it so well with utmost professionalism for which I am grateful. I took on board all of the salient points and I will put this into practice. I found it to be a most informative session, as they say ‘every day is a school day’.” – Mr S