Digital Courses FAQ’s

We appreciate you may have some questions about your upcoming course booking therefore we have compiled some frequently asked questions that may be of assistance to you.

I have booked my course, when will I receive my joining instructions and where do I find them?

You should receive your joining instructions at the time of booking by way of your course confirmation email, sent to the email address you provided at the time of booking. Further to this, you will receive a separate email exactly 48 hours before your course start date/time containing the zoom joining details i.e. meeting ID and password. This email will be sent to you with the subject ‘Your Online Digital Course –SSX…’

It is always worth checking your junk/spam/promotions folders when trying to locate these emails however if you have not received either them please contact us urgently.

What should I do if I haven’t received my course joining details 48 hours before my course?

If you do not receive a second email 48 hours before your course with the subject “Your Online Digital Course – SSX” containing the zoom joining details, firstly, check your junk/spam/trash folders. If still unable to locate, you must contact us at least 24 hours before your course to inform us and we will duly provide you with the details.

You can contact us via telephone: 0330 222 8999 (Mon-Fri 09:00am-3:30pm) or email . Failure to notify us with sufficient notice could result in you having to pay a £45 rebooking fee to access another course.

I am about to take my course but cannot access it, where do I find my joining instructions?

As stated above, your joining instructions will be sent to you via the email provided at the time of booking however if you are struggling to locate them and are due to join your course please contact us by telephone or email marking as urgent and we will do our best to assist you.

I am not very technical and I am worried that I won’t be able to take my virtual/online course, what help can I get from my course provider?

There are several different options we can offer you at Sussex Driver Training:

  • Firstly, all of our call handlers should be able to talk you through the joining process step by step and advise you on any issues you have.
  • In addition, we also offer a full test run service with one of our technical advisors where we can set up a mock run, in advance of your course and you can be guided through the process step by step over the telephone and zoom.
  • If you need to have a Carer/support worker present to support you during the course, we are more than happy for you to have this member assist you to set up or alternatively, stay with you throughout the course however we do require their full name and some form of photo ID if you wish to have them present throughout the course.

If you would like to arrange a test run or walk through any issues with one of our technical advisors please do not hesitate to contact us on via telephone 03302228999 (Mon-Fri 09:00am-3:30pm) or email

Who will be on the course with me?

Up to 8 other clients that have committed a similar offence to yourself and is delivered by 1 NDORS (National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme) registered trainer. Please be advised that there may well be an NDORS Quality Assurance Manager present on the course who will make themselves known to you.

What time do I need to log on to my course?

You will need to log in to the course 10 minutes prior to the course start time. Registration will take place from 10 minutes before course start time and will continue until 20 minutes after the course start time. There is a 10-minute break during the session. It may take some time to register all 9 clients individually onto the course therefore please be patient.

What happens if I am late?

If you arrive after the course is fully underway you will be locked out in the virtual waiting room and will need to contact the course provider.

Can I do the course if I am hard of hearing?

Yes, we will always try to accommodate all our clients’ needs so that they are able to complete a course if they wish to do so. We can turn on the Live Captioning, we can provide a BSL Interpreter or you can bring have your own signer. For further advice and guidance please call our team on: 0330 222 8999 Monday – Friday 9.00am-3.30pm or email

Should you wish to take the in the deaf language there is a company called DriveSafe who have recruited two Deaf Trainers to deliver bespoke iNSAC to Deaf clients. This may give you a much better experience to receive a course from a Deaf Trainer. If this would be of interest to you, please email to request a BSL iNSAC.

What happens if I have difficulties when trying to log in?

If you have any difficulties whilst trying to log in please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email as we will always do our best to assist you get on to the course. Please note unfortunately at present this assistance is only available Monday-Friday.

Should I agree to the Zoom Terms and Conditions?

Yes, you will need to agree to the T’s & C’s to continue.

Should I allow Zoom to access my camera and microphone?

Yes, this is an interactive video conference so you will be required to use both your microphone and camera to access the course.

How do I know I am in the right place and on the right course?

You will be issued a unique event code and password that can only be used at this training course. Your link and password will allow you enter the virtual waiting room. You know you are in the correct place as you will be greeted with a message stating you are in your NDORS course waiting room and your trainer will be with you shortly.

I am logged in and can see my Trainer but I cannot hear?

You may need to connect to audio separately. You can do this by looking in the bottom left hand corner of the screen (You may need to tap the screen first), then locating the ‘join/connect with audio button’. Please then allow and agree all prompts for video, audio and WiFi to allow your video and audio to work during the session.

How do I do show my Photographic ID?

It is a condition of the course offer that you produce photographic identification. We can only accept original documents (electronic copies or photocopies cannot be accepted). You show them by holding them up to the camera when asked.

Can I move around during the course?

No, as this is distracting for the trainer and other clients.

What happens in the classroom?

The NDORS registered trainer will first register you on the course and check your ID against your photocard driving licence/full paper licence and passport. He/She will then go through ground rules/housekeeping with you (do’s and don’ts of the course). The course will then begin with a series of modules and videos along with group discussions and activities. All clients must make a positive contribution and take part in the discussions. “To protect everyone’s privacy, you must not take any screen shots, photographs or recordings of the course today. UKROEd actively monitor all social media channels and if a data breach is discovered this will be fully investigated. This will lead to your course attendance being void and you will be referred back to the Police who will issue you with the penalty of three points and a fine.”

What happens if I have technical problems or lose connection during my course?

Should you lose connection at all, the meeting with only be kept open for a period of 5 minutes. You will need to re-join via the original method. If you are able to do so within the 5 minute window but are greeted with a message that the meeting is locked you will need to continually retry for the full five minute period until the Trainer has been able to open your meeting. If you are still unsuccessful in re-joining, you will need to contact the Driver Training Team on the contact details below.


Should you wish to reschedule your course, in order to do so free of charge we ask that you notify us a minimum of 5 working days before your original booking. Failure to provide such notice may result in you having to pay a £45 rebooking fee.