Driving for Better Business

If you manage a fleet of vehicles for a company, or use that fleet to drive for work, you need to consider the health and safety aspects that come with this.

There are laws and regulations that companies and organisations must adhere to in order to be legal, such as the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007. These are here to look after you and your staff, and can also improve productivity in your business. Although training, risk assessing and driver checks will take time, it will reflect better on your company name and potentially bring in more profit at the same time, as well as focussing on the welfare of your staff.

Driving for Better Business Logo

Up until recently, SSRP has been running the Company Operator Safer Transport Scheme (COSTS), and we are now moving over to ‘Driving for Better Business’, which is ran by our partners at Highways England. There is a wealth of resources on offer, so if you own a company or manage a fleet, have a look at their website.

Statistics for Occupational Road Risk in Sussex remain some of the highest: between 01/01/2014 and 31/12/2016, there were 719 KSI casualties within this group, making up 26% of casualties in our top five priorities. There were 945 drivers involved in collisions who we can look to target through educational means.

The Managers Powerpoint can be downloaded here in 2 screen sizes:

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