Mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, Ipods/MP3 players and even passengers can be a distraction on the roads.

Whether changing the music or checking the kids on the back seat, all it takes is a moment’s distraction to cause a collision.

Driving Distractions

The Facts

  • 58% of drivers admit that mobile phones are their biggest distraction while driving. It’s illegal to drive using a handheld phone or similar device.
  • Young people are most at risk – 16 to 34 year olds are twice as likely than the over 55s to keep their mobile switched on while driving.
  • If you drive and use a mobile phone you are four times more likely to have an accident.
  • Two thirds of drivers who use theircar for work purposes admit to feeling pressure to keep their phone switched on.
  • 34% of people who use their car for work purposes admit to answering or making work- related calls or texts while driving.

Visit the GOV.UK website for the law on using a mobile phone while driving.