Are your eyes fit for the road?

A frequent statement from road users after a crash is “I didn’t see it”.

Driving Eyesight Rules

Drivers should know that they are required to be able to read a standard number plate with symbols 79.4mm high and 57mm wide at a distance of 20.5 m (67 feet), or where a new style number plate is used with characters 50mm wide, at a distance of 20 metres, using correcting lenses if required.

Any driver who thinks their eyesightdoes not meet the legal requirements must tell the licensing agency immediately. It is a criminal offence to fail to notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of any eyesight conditions likely to cause a driver to be a source of danger to other road users.

If a driver is involved in an accident and is then found to have an undeclared notifiable disability, insurance cover could be at risk. However, having a notifiable eyesight condition does not necessarily mean that you will be banned from driving.

The recommended time between eye tests is 2 years but if you feel that you are having any problems with vision have it checked immediately.

If you think you have a notifiable eyesight condition you must write to: The Drivers’ Medical Branch, DVLA, Swansea SA99 1TU.

Visit the GOV.UK website for the law on driving and eyesight.