Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt is common sense from a safety perspective but it is also a legal requirement for the driver and passengers to use one if it is fitted to the vehicle.

Since becoming compulsory in 1983 the wearing of seatbelts has made a significant contribution to the reduction of casualties.

Seatbelt Safety

The risks from not using a rear seatbelt are less well known. The chance of dying in a crash in rear seats is three times higher if seatbelts are not used.

As many as 46 front seat passengers or drivers die in crashes each year after being struck by unrestrained rear seat passengers.

Visit the website for the law on Seatbelts and Child seats.

Embrace Life

Take a look at our award winning campaign Embrace Life which was deliberately developed to provide a counter-point to the hard-hitting ‘shock and awe’ advertising used in road safety.

Embrace Life Seatbelt Safety Campaign
Embrace Life Seatbelt Safety