Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is an important factor in keeping safe on the roads.

From road-dirt obscuring mirrors to badly maintained, unsafe vehicles, poor maintenance can have significant implications on the roads.

Vehicle Maintenance Guide

The following is a short checklist of advice for all road users.

Weekly checks for all vehicles

  • Washing and cleaning your vehicle, particularly in winter, to ensure the windows, lights and door mirrors are clean
  • Checking and topping up fluid levels such as engine coolant, engine oil and brake fluid
  • Checking the condition of the vehicles tyres for damage, air pressure and tread
  • Checking that all lights work and light correctly
  • Ensuring wiper blades are in good order and the windscreen washer fluid bottle is full
  • Checking the exhaust system is in sound working order
  • Check the owner’s manual for your vehicle

Information on how to perform these tasks is contained in the vehicle owner’s manual supplied with the vehicle. This manual will also cover any other additional maintenance activities that are recommended for your vehicle.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Servicing your vehicle

The manufacturers routine service intervals. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and vehicle to vehicle, depending on type of vehicle and type of engine. Full details of the service requirements are normally detailed in the owner’s manual supplied with the vehicle.

MOT your vehicle

Taking the annual MOT test or goods vehicle test will ensure that your vehicle over a certain age is checked at least once a year to see that it complies with key roadworthiness and environmental requirements.