Equestrian Training

The British Horse Society (BHS) operates a Riding and Road Safety Test which aims to educate riders in safety in order to minimise the risk involved when riding on the roads.

Training is available to all riders from 12 years of age and the test is supported by the Department for Transport. It is not essential to own a horse in order to take the test as many riding schools and centres organise them for their pupils. Also you don’t have to attend a centre in order to take the test and training.

The exam tests your road sense and riding ability, not the horse or pony.

The test is in three parts:

  • The Theory Test – This tests your knowledge of the Highway Code and the generally accepted rules of riding on the road.
  • Simulated Road Route – This stage takes place in off road conditions such as in a field or indoor school. It is designed to test your reactions to a series of hazards that you may encounter on the roads. Candidates also undergo a tack and turnout inspection of both horse and rider to ensure all equipment and clothing is in a safe and suitable state for riding.
  • The Road Route – You will follow a set route along the roads, so the examiners can assess your competence in dealing with cars and other hazards you meet on the roads.

If you would like to find out more about the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test, please contact the BHS Riding and Road Safety department on 0247 684 0482 or contact your local BHS Riding and Road Safety Representative, Pony Club or affiliated Riding Club.

Please take a look at the BHS website too: www.bhs.org.uk.