Using Bus Lanes

Motorcyclists can use two sections of bus lanes on the A23 and the A259.

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Motorcyles Bus Lanes

Trials for this scheme are now over and the use of these two sections on an ongoing basis was approved by the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on 7 October 2014. This authorisation is for two wheeled motorcycles only without side cars (narrow wheel based three wheeled bikes are also permitted). A further 18 month trial on the Lewes Road north of the Vogue Gyratory is proposed to begin in Dec 2015 subject to traffic and casualty data during 2015.

Central city lanes including Edward St remain closed to Motorcycles. Edward St has part time bus lanes, which recent UK research strongly suggests are less safe for PTW users. In addition to this, sight lines are difficult from some side junctions. The remainder of the city centre bus lanes fall below the Dept. for Transport recommended minimum width of 3m. Sussex Police have expressed concern about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists if motorcycles were to use these lanes.

These are the only bus routes in Sussex that can be used by motorcyclists at the moment – so ensure that you stay out of all the others!