What Should I Wear

There is no regulation on the type of clothing that you wear below the neck on a motorcycle, so any decisions you make are yours alone.

Motorcycling Clothing

Dress for the possibility of falling off!

It always seems a bit pessimistic when we talk about motorcyclists dressing for the possible slide down the road. The trouble is, even a low speed slide can result in life changing injuries if we don’t cover the basics.

There are so many options out there now, but make sure that your clothing choice will survive the slide;

  • Boots to cover the ankles and sturdy enough to resist the gear lever penetrating into your foot.
  • Long trousers with enhanced protection around the knees and hips.
  • Gloves – the natural temptation is to put down your hand when you fall. Make sure there is an extra layer to prevent your skin from grazing.
  • Jacket – to include back protection, elbows and shoulder.

For the fashion conscious, there are plenty of options out there to keep you safe while looking good.

Dress for the weather!

If it’s a cold and wet day, you need to wear the clothing to keep you warm and dry. We don’t make good decisions when we are cold and wet through. The results of this on a motorcycle can be devastating.Consider heated clothing options – particularly when you are riding for prolonged periods.

On a hot day, don’t be tempted to ride without protection. Find a lightweight option that you are comfortable with and take it off at the end of the ride.