Theatre in Education: Year 11

Welcome to Sussex Safer Roads Partnership’s Take A Second teaching resource designed to help Year 11 students learn about the impact of their own behaviours. It covers how to be a safer passenger actively, the impact of speed on an accident, the dangers of distracting a driver, drink and drugs and how to speak up to stay safe in a car.

This resource has been designed for teachers, by teachers, and we hope that you find the below resources useful across the school year to help deliver these really important messages to students and help establish good behaviours that will keep them safe.

Each lesson is supported by multi-media content. access the videos below:

Theatre in Education Year 11 Lesson 1 Take a Second

Theatre in Education Year 11 Lesson 2 See Straight

Theatre in Education Year 11 Lesson 3 Hold Me Back

Theatre in Education Year 11 Lesson 4 The Need for Speed

It can feel difficult to speak out when you are a young adult, especially when you are with peers or friends. nobody wants to look 'uncool'. but speaking out and making the right choice in different situations can keep you from danger, especially when making a choice to get in a car with a driver.

Why we do this

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership has been engaging and supporting schools across Sussex since 2013. In 2020, our free Theatre-in-Education Roadshow, that would normally visit your school, has been temporarily suspended due to the current pandemic. Committed to supporting schools to deliver the life saving messages of pedestrian safety to Year 11s, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and The Rapport Group are determined that no pupils will miss out on these vital messages that help keep young people safe.

We hope that you join us on our mission by using this resource. We know how busy teachers are, so we aim to make all of our resources as flexible as possible allowing teachers to do what they are best at, teach.