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THINK! has launched Tales of the Road, an updated road safety education resource for children, parents, students and updated road safety education resource, Tales of the Road.

THINK! Education Resources

With many people having enjoyed more walking and cycling during lockdown, and families being asked to consider whether they can walk or cycle as pupils begin returning to school, now is a great time to bring road safety to life for children.

The resource contains new and updated tips and is now interactive to help young road users navigate the workbook quickly and easily!
It can be accessed and completed online, or can be downloaded, allowing progress to be saved and continued another day – perfect for children to come back to, whether they are learning remotely or in the classroom when school resumes in September.

Features of the updated Tales of the Road resource include:

  1. Interactive question and answer sections, with name personalisation
  2. New, updated images
  3. Green Cross code reminders
  4. REMEMBER! Key safety tips
  5. Glossary with additional words and definitions

To access or download the resource, click HERE.

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