SSRP @ Ace Café, Brighton Burn Up.

Posted on Monday 5th September 2022 in Education and Training, Motorcyclists, News

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) attended the Ace Café, Brighton Burn Up along Madeira Drive on Brighton seafront on Sunday 4th of October. The event is a huge attraction to bikers and bike enthusiasts, meaning that it’s a fantastic opportunity to inform one of our priority groups at a face-to-face occasion.

Per mile travelled, motorcyclists are four times more likely to have a fatal incident compared to a cyclist, and 85 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than someone driving a car (DfT, 2018).

SSRP’s Case Administrator, Sasha, who worked the event said:

“The Ace Café event was a great success for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. Through attending this event, we were able to communicate ideas of road safety among bikers of all ages.  An area of interest among the biking community is often how they can be safer on the roads with many individuals asking about courses which we offer, such as Biker Down. The presence of Matthew Prunty from the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service who runs these courses encouraged members of the public to sign up to this free course which teaches scene management and first aid, particularly with bikers in mind.

The Ace Café event was a great opportunity for us to deliver our messaging to an excellent community of bikers. We had a wonderful day meeting bikers from across the UK and will be looking forward to attending again next year.”

Riders make up 1% of the road population, yet are involved in 20% of collisions; we must not ignore rider safety. SSRP understands the sense of freedom that being a biker brings, and with a wealth of resources and courses available, encourages every road user to improve their skills, confidence and enjoyment while out on the roads. Hence, why it is so important that we are present at these events and the importance of the conversations that occur. We disrubuted over 60 In Case of Emergency Stickers to riders. ICE Stickers contain personal information of the rider, that could dramatically increases the chance of faster and more effective care when accessed by first responders.

If you would like and ICE Sticker just fill in the form online to request one today:…/get…/ice-stickers/

🏍️ Our album of photos, taken at Ace Café, Brighton Burn Up, on Sunday 4th of Seeptember, is now up. 🏍️

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