Posted on Tuesday 21st June 2022 in Education and Training, News

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) attended the annual Festival of Speed, held at the Goodwood estate, West Sussex, between the 23rd to the 26th of June 2022.

The tagline for this year’s festival was ‘The Innovators – Masterminds of Motorsport’, feeding into this we displayed a fully electric, BMW I3, loaned from Surrey Police Force. This proved very popular with the audience that attended the event due to this years theme.

Furthermore, due to the audience this event attracts, the Partnership directed a large proportion of their focus on speed as a significant contributory factor with regards to road collisions. From this, we were able to springboard the reach of our primary road safety messaging to one of the primary road user groups. Targeting possible irresponsible and dangerous drivers committing excess speed offences, to inform them of the risks – both to themselves and to other road users associated with speeding and to encourage drivers to obey speed limits and drive at speeds safe for the road environment they are travelling.

We were supported throughout the four-day exhibit by partners from, Sussex Police, National Highways, Kent Fire, both East and West Fire and Rescue Services, both East and West County Councils, Gem Motoring Assist, and Surrey Police. In addition, the camera team from SSRP was there for the public to learn about enforcement, the equipment used, and knowledge of the team’s experience when out enforcing. The Casualty Reduction Officers were also in attendance to talk about education in road safety and the work they do in reducing those at risk to themselves and others on the road.

Our display consisted of:

– Fire bike from East Sussex Fire and Rescue
– Police bike and car from Sussex Police
– Brake test along with a car from Drive SMART – Surrey Road Safety Partnership
– BMW I3 (electric vehicle) from Surrey Police
– Safety Camera Van from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership
– Engagement Vehicle from SSRP and Drive SMART
– Seized E-Scooter

Programme Delivery Officer Tom Hart organised SSRP’s stand at the Festival of Speed:

“Before deciding to return to Festival of Speed in 2022, in depth discussions were held to assess whether our presence would have its desired impact in relation to priority groups. With Speed remaining a priority for the partnership, it was decided that our attendance would provide an excellent opportunity to engage with drivers and riders who love speed, at an internationally recognised event held in West Sussex. The ages and types of road users varied considerably, ranging from young children to older drivers and riders. This event is a fantastic opportunity for the Partnership to speak with the public about key road safety issues and the Fatal Five, as well as increasing awareness of SSRP.”

The team welcomed anyone with road safety concerns to come up and talk to them. They advised on cycling, driving, riding, and walking (amongst other subjects), and are experts in their fields. As always, we continue to ask all road users to obey the speed limits and remember that they are a limit and not a target – slowing down could save a life.

More information is available online at: Festival of Speed 2022 theme announced | GRR (

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all those that attended Festival of Speed 2022. We hope you enjoyed your time at the event and hope to see you all next year!!



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