SSRP @ Goodwood’s Festival of Speed

Posted on Monday 20th June 2016 in Drivers, Motorcyclists, Speed

Fos Fire and Police Bikes

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) will be at the annual Festival of Speed, held at the Goodwood estate, West Sussex, from the 23rd to the 26th of June this year.

Whilst the tagline for this year’s festival is ‘Full Throttle – The Endless Pursuit of Power’, the partnership have inverted this for their stand at Goodwood to ‘Full Throttle – Who’s in Control?’ From here, we will be able to springboard to our primary road safety messages and principle audiences.

To aid us in our four day exhibit at the Festival of Speed, we will be supported by partners from Sussex Police, both East and West Fire and Rescue Services, both East and West County Councils, and Surrey Police. In addition, the camera team from SSRP will be there for the public to learn about enforcement, and the Casualty Reduction Officers will be in attendance to talk about education in road safety.

To add to our display, we will have the Firebike from East Sussex Fire and Rescue, a police bike from Sussex Police, and a BMW S1000RR, this being kindly lent by the company.

Casualty Reduction Officer Helen Wilson-Law has been organising SSRP’s stand at the Festival of Speed: “The patrons at this event fall into one of our key priority groups. Whilst speed is a primary concern for all, the statistics show that young men in particular can be very vulnerable on the roads, with their casualty figures being some of the highest. The cars on offer at Goodwood are pitched to attract a certain demographic, and if we can implicate road safety messages on them at this early stage, that’s half the battle.”

The team will be there for the entire duration of the festival, and are welcoming anyone with road safety concerns to come up and talk to them. They can advise on cycling, driving, riding and walking (amongst other subjects), and are experts in their fields. If you wish to know more about our work in your area, come and visit the stand this weekend at the Festival of Speed.

The Festival of Speed website is available here.

We look forward to seeing you there.