SSRP @ TruckFest 2022

Posted on Monday 22nd August 2022 in Drivers, Education and Training, News

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership joined Sussex Road Policing Unit (RPU), alongside National Highways at the Southeast TruckFest 2022 at The South of England Showground.

RPU brought their commercial vehicle unit, marked police car and motorbike – alongside loaning a truck, to the event which those attending loved.

SSRP’s Programme Delivery Officer, Tom Hart worked the whole event and said:

The event was a huge success, from my perspective, with excellent footfall and engagement with HGV and LGV drivers, sharing their experiences and asking for guidance, which we were able to provide. There were also many young families, providing the opportunity to engage with young road users, drivers and riders, debunking myths and offering resources and advice.”

The event not only saw truck enthusiast but HGV and LGV drivers too, this was a fantastic opportunity to speak directly to those driving these large vehicles. The Commercial Vehicle Unit was incredibly helpful in supporting those working within the industry. These face-to-face interactions are vital in creating clear communication channels between those enforcing and using the road network.

🚚🏍️🚔 Our small album of photos, taken at #TruckFest, is now live on our Website. 🚔🏍️🚚

Pop over and have a browse through some of our favourite pictures from the event!! 👇

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