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Posted on Monday 1st January 2024 in Data, Drivers, Education and Training, Pedestrians

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) have been engaging and supporting secondary schools since 2013 through the delivery of Theatre in Education (TiE) style workshops aimed specifically at vulnerable pedestrians in Year 7 and passengers of inexperienced drivers in Year 11.  Child pedestrian casualties (aged 11- 14) are rising in Sussex, they are high risk and a strategic priority for the Partnership. Nationally 32% of KSIs involve at least one younger car driver 17 – 24 years old. (www.gov.uk)

The production, commissioned by the SSRP helps students to recognise risks, make informed decisions and manage their personal safety. The aim of our live and impactful road safety theatre performances is to make students aware of the of their responsibilities as drivers, think about the risk and consequences of failing to adopt safe behaviour as a pedestrian or young driver, and positively influence their attitudes and behaviour.

Raising awareness of the risks of unsafe young pedestrian and driver behaviour and the effects it can have on others.

The tour ran for eight weeks from Monday 25th September until Friday 24th of November 2023, visiting schools across East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton and Hove. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership saw another successful live theatre tour; facilitating 65 hours of learning and reaching 14,888 Year 7 and 11 school students in Sussex.

We very much enjoyed having your team here with us, students really enjoyed the show. The team were vibrant, enthusiastic and talented in the way they conveyed that important and crucial message. We also liked how they brought the message home and focused on our local area rather than generalised views, really impressive!

Teacher, Tanbridge House School

Our research shows that 94% of Year 7 students agreed they were more aware of the dangers of peer pressure, this finding is reflected in the focus group findings; we found students where able to reflect the changes they intend to make to their own behaviours, with students stating, ‘real friends don’t pressure’.

Furthermore, 93% of Year 11 students, understood how passengers can impact a driver’s concentration. When asked about passenger impact on driver concentration, students discussed differences between types of behaviour that passengers do that are distracting; for example, being on the phone, playing loud sounds or arguing in the car. There was a consensus among students that it is equal responsibility between the driver and the passenger to control the environment in the car.

Several strong learning messages came through in the research and high impact levels with students and teachers alike is a great outcome, demonstrating the tour content is working and remains relevant with the target audiences. The combined approach of survey and small focus groups works well and continues to provide more in depth understanding of the impact of the SSRP Theatre-in-Education project.

Our album of images taken in throughout the tour is now available here on our website over in our gallery!

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