TyreSafe Month 2017

Posted on Monday 2nd October 2017 in Drivers, Motorcyclists

Released on behalf of TyreSafe.

Following a welcome but slight decrease in casualties caused by tyre-related incidents in 2016, TyreSafe and SSRP are urging drivers and stakeholders to continue their efforts, not become complacent.

The latest figures from the Department for Transport in its annual Reported Road Casualties Great Britain report show the number of people killed or seriously injured in tyre-related incidents fell to 158 from 162. Slight injuries were also down meaning the total number of casualties was 876, its lowest level recorded.

England and Wales recorded a fall in casualties from tyre-related incidents at (753 and 60 respectively) but Scotland saw a marked rise of nearly 30% (63 in 2016). The region reporting the highest number of casualties in England remains the South East which accounted for 7% of the national total (150 casualties).

Drivers are reminded there are still more casualties resulting from tyre-related incidents than for those caused by drivers distracted by mobile phones (780 in 2016).

With Tyre Safety Month beginning on 1 October, motorists and road safety stakeholders have the opportunity to join TyreSafe in raising awareness on the importance of regular maintenance checks and the dangers of defective and illegal tyres.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “While it is, of course, welcome to see the number of casualties from tyre-related incidents decreasing, however slight, there are potentially thousands of families who have been affected. While maintenance checks won’t guarantee your safety, the chances of being involved in an incident will be significantly reduced if they’re carried out regularly. TyreSafe.org has a wealth of information and videos to guide drivers through the checks and Tyre Safety Month is an ideal opportunity to make a commitment to being tyre safe.

“Tyre safety is often taken for granted. Nobody expects to be a road casualty when they set off – check your tyres are roadworthy before you leave to reduce the risks.”

Drivers are reminded to check their tyres’ air pressure, condition and tread depth at least once a month and before long journeys. Tyresafe.org features a wide range of materials on how to carry out these checks along with videos and animations.

Tyre Safety Month 2017 focuses on the most frequent tyre defect of all – underinflated tyres. Research shows 57% of car and van tyres are being driven at least 4psi below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure settings. TyreSafe is asking motorists to make an ‘Air Appointment’ at least once a month to ensure they’re having a ‘Good Air Day’.

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