UKROEd/ NPCC Roads Policing Conference 2023

Posted on Tuesday 17th October 2023 in All Road Users, Education and Training

Representatives from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) attended the UKROEd 2023 National Conference, in association with NPCC Roads Policing, in Manchester this month.

The name UKROEd is derived from United Kingdom Road Offender Education – emphasising the focus we place on the education and training of drivers who commit certain specific traffic offences across the UK.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) National Roads Policing Strategy (2022-2025) is built around four key pillars of activity. These are:

  • preventing harm and saving lives
  • tackling crime
  • driving technology and innovation
  • changing minds

UKROEd provide the central governance, standards, and consistency of the scheme (NDORS). The National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme originated from a recommendation made by Dr Peter North (Sir Peter North) in his Road Traffic Law Review of 1988. This report, commissioned by the Department of Transport, made many recommendations that are now part and parcel of normal enforcement.

The general philosophy is that motorists may be offered a course as an alternative to enforcement sanctions, only where their driving may have amounted to a lapse of concentration or an error of judgement, with no serious consequences or high risk.

A key role of UKROEd is to assist police forces to offer high-quality courses, consistently in all force areas, so as to change behaviour and play our important part in the reduction of collisions, death and injury to road users.

“To save lives we need to change minds!”

The conference brings together road safety professionals from across the nation. Working to reduce road death through developing and strengthening a number of powerful partnerships; working together we aim to achieve safe and healthy mobility for all. The conference enabled professionals to share ambition and road safety goals face to face; whatever role each attendee plays in the broad spectrum of activity – we are united by the common goal to reduce death of on our roads. All SSRP representatives found the conference to be inspiring, thought provoking and worthwhile.

SSRPs Partnership Manager, Sophie Witney, attended:

‘There were many impactful moments for me over the past two days at the UKROEd/ NPCC Roads Policing Conference and I leave the conference truly inspired by some of the speakers and other delegates.

Whilst still fairly new in my role, for me the vision is clear!

We need to be “Bold and Brave” in everything we do, to never lose sight of the people and families behind the data and take personal responsibility for not only engaging, educating, enforcing, and engineering activities that reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads, but to challenge ourselves every day in the way we do it.

It honestly was humbling to be around such inspirational people who truly humanised why we do what we do.’