Walk To School Week – putting your best foot forward..

Posted on Tuesday 17th May 2016 in Pedestrians

This week is Walk to School Week, which coincides with National Walking Month (May), which coincides with one of our priorities at Sussex Safer Roads Partnerships (SSRP) – the safety of Non-Motorised Road Users (NMUs).

A big part of the NMU category is pedestrians, and how they get from A to B in a safe and responsible fashion. There are a great many initiatives and educational programmes about this to help, and this week we’re looking at the national Walk to School Week.

Schools across the county will be inspiring parents and children to “swap four wheels for two legs”, and begin the day with a beneficial walk, instead of the stress of traffic jams. Your petrol bill goes down, your endorphin levels go up, and alertness and attentiveness for the day rises in line with performance at school and work.

In addition, this is a great opportunity for parents to teach their children some vital road safety skills. For some small people, this might be their first time learning about different types of junction, for others it might be how to cross the road in the most sensible fashion. Some children may not be completely aware of how dangerous roads can be. Some may be fully aware, but with our ever-changing environment, there is always the opportunity to keep learning about how to save lives.

Casualty Reduction Officer PC Danni Dawes said: “Walk to School Week exists to educate families about the benefits of exercise and teaching your child new skills that they can use to gain independence on the roads. We want everyone to be able to travel in a safe environment, and less cars on the road mean less pollution and, potentially, less collisions. For the sake of a bit of organisation, walking to school this week will aid everyone.”

Tuesday the 17th is Happy Shoesday – a day where children are encouraged to wear their most creative shoes (or decorate ones you already have – sorry mum and dad!). The idea is that you wear the shoes that’ll bring the biggest smile to your face when you walk to school, and in return give a small donation to the Living Streets charity, which runs Walk to School Week. Get the sparkles out for some shiny shoes!