Posted on Monday 4th May 2020 in All Road Users, Business, Drivers, Motorcyclists

This is the message Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are urging drivers to remember, and are encouraging all road users to consider their journey, reiterating the governments plea to Stay Home, Save Lives.

Whilst there has been a significant drop in the number of drivers on roads across Sussex, emptier routes have resulted in some travelling significantly above the speed limits.

“It is important to listen to government advice, and only change our behaviour as new guidance is provided directly from the government itself,” comments Sergeant Stuart Hendey from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. “We are urging individuals to truly consider the need for their journey. If you can work from home you should do so, and the good weather is no excuse to take a trip to the beach, or to visit family and friends.

The emptier roads are not an opportunity to disregard speed limits. As we continue to record high speeds on our roads and respond to serious and fatal collisions, it is clear that we need to remind the public that, whilst we favour our approach to educate and inform, we will not hesitate to enforce the law where necessary.” Sussex Safer Roads Partnership are urging people to continue to follow latest government guidelines; adhere to social distancing rules, stay local and avoid popular destinations such as beaches and parks.

Whilst the roads may be quieter, speed limits remain in place. Motorists are encouraged to consider the necessity of their journey before setting off, ensure their vehicle is roadworthy, and to obey traffic regulations at all times.