Worthing Velodrome – a two-wheeled success

Posted on Wednesday 13th July 2016 in Cyclists

What started off as a regular delegation from SSRP at the Worthing Velodrome turned into something very different when one of our Casualty Reduction Officers (CRO) Heidi Reynolds was asked to take part in one of the races.

Initially there to spread road safety messages and represent the partnership, fire fighter Heidi was with colleagues from the fire service and the police when organisers of the Velodrome asked her and others to take part in a traditional (read: ‘jovial’) “reds versus blues” race on the Saturday of the event. Pitched opposite a representative from Sussex Police, and feeling quite nervous in her first bike race since school, Heidi kitted up – complete with crash helmet (safety first) – and took her place on the circuit. The two-lap event was won by herself, and she was asked to return on the Sunday to take part in the time trial. Which made her even more nervous.

However, perseverance paid off, and after her time trial on the Sunday against Harriet, a three-lap event which Heidi won in 26 seconds, she is now off to the Superfinals in Green Park, London! She will be representing the South Coast Rollers as they race in front of Buckingham Palace, and we will be supporting her all the way.

Of her upcoming appearance in London, Heidi said: “Despite previous apprehension, I’m really excited about this race. I will have to work on my corners for this event as I found them really difficult last time, but I promise will try my hardest not to fall off!”

Quite a way to end a standard workday – well done Heidi!

For more information on the Street Velodrome events, please visit their website here.